Contra Indications & After Care

Contra-indications that could PREVENT you from receiving an eye treatment

Conjunctivitis, Epiphora (excessive watery eye), Stye, Blepharitis, bacterial infections, bruising or open skin, severe skin conditions, reaction to the patch test.  Please inform me straight away if you suspect any of these issues.   

Patch tests are required for all new clients, for clients recovering for serious illness where their immune system my have been compromised and even those who have left a gap of more than 3 months between last exposure.  


After Care



 Be gentle with your brows/lashes (no rubbing), do not get them wet, use makeup and stay away from steam (baths) or saunas for 24 hours.  Consider the products used on your lashes and make sure they are gentle and nourishing.  Try and avoid stronger water proof mascara and look to add a lash conditioner to your routine.

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