Eve Taylor is a professional, London born, skincare that boasts beautiful results and amazing aromas with a more hands on approach facial with lots of massage to melt away your stresses.

However, as always, we are all different and some clients prefer the no-nonsense method that only a machine can provide.

NuDerm’s amazing facial machine is one of the most up to date, technologically advanced and non-invasive beauty system on the market, offering 6 treatment functions in just one machine.  This machine preforms: Thermotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Non-Surgical Lifting, Ultra Sound, LED Light Therapy & Cryotherapy.

Facial Pricing & Info

Eve Taylor Express

£16.00 (30 mins)

Amazing what you can get done in 30mins!  This treatment includes all the elements to a good facial in half the time.  The perfect freshen up for the skin with a spot of relaxation for the mind and soul.  Includes cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask, scalp massage, tone and moisturise.

Eve Taylors Perfect Pamper

£35.00 (60 mins)

If you liked the sound of the Express, you’ll love this Perfect Pamper.  It everything the Express has with the added bonus of a double steam cleanse, an advanced action mask and lots more massage, including the neck, shoulders and scalp area.  Feel the stress and tension just melt away.


£25.00 (30 mins)

This facial gets straight to work buy exfoliating the outer layer of the skins surface, using the modern advances of the ‘Dimond tip’ Microdermabrasion and Vacuum Suction.  After the new fresh skin has been exposed, the face is soothed and nourished by preforming the Ultra Sound element, pushing collagen into the subdermal layers of the skin, leaving a beautiful smooth glow. 

Suitable for all skin types and helps to improvement of skin conditions including all congestion, enlarged pores, sun damage, uneven complexion, scaring, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Non-surgical Lifting

£38.00 (60 mins)

This is the ultimate facial for anyone concerned with the aging process.  As well as benefiting from the wonders of Microdermabrasion and Ultra Sound, the lifting facial also concentrates on reliving muscles that have become tired and unresponsive, causing the face to become ‘droopy’.  The Lifting wands send a small and safe electrical message to each muscle as we work over the face, lifting them from a sleepy state.  When taken in a course of treatments the results can be very impressive:

*Microdermabrasion Course (4 treatments)

£80.00 Saving £20.00

*Non-surgical Lifting Course (10 treatments)

£342.00 Saving £38.00

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