Manicure & Pedicure

Hands and feet are often overlooked but they are constantly in use so it’s important that we remember to include them in our home care routines and have a professional treat every now to give them a treat. 

Read the treatment descriptions below or scroll down to the bottom for a quick glance price list.

File and Polish/ Fingers or Toes (20 minutes) £12

Standard polish which will need drying time but can be removed easily by nail polish remover.

Mini Mani OR Pedi (30 minutes) £15.00

This treatment is perfect for someone that just wants a file and polish but needs extended work on the cuticle and nail area in order to achieve it correctly.

 Gel polish/ Fingers or Toes (30mins) £22

Please be aware that gel polish is not as strong as a hard gel but longer lasting than a polish.  It can be removed in the comfort of your own home making it perfect for a special occasion with no commitment to maintenances appointments.

Signature Pedicure (60 minutes) £27.00

Prepare to let go for the tension as we start with a warm, massaging foot bath and revitalising treatment soak. Continuing with cuticle work, nail trim and reshape, hard skin removal, exfoliation and warm, aromatic massage to feet and legs.  Hydrating gels are applied to complete the feeling of waking on air before finishing off with your choice of polish.

Signature Manicure (60 minutes) £23.00

Treat those hard working hands to a bit of down time and relax your busy mind.  This treatment covers cuticle tidy, nail trim and shape, exfoliation to soften skin, a warm aromatic hand and arm massage to help melt the stresses away and the perfect polish of choice to finish.

Gel Pedicure £39.00 OR Gel Manicure £35.00 (75minutes each) 

Taking all the luxury of the Signature Manicure or Pedicure upgrading the standard polish with a Gel for increased longevity.

Heated Booties or Mitts (10 mins) £5.00

In the cold winter months or for people suffering with medical conditions leaving their extremities cold or painful, this is a prefect add on to a hand or foot treatment to get a deluxe warm mask upgrade.

Manicure & Pedicure Pricing

*** will show any discount packages

File & Polish

£12.00 (20 mins)

French Polish (extra)

£2.50 (10 mins)

Mini Mani or Pedi

£15.00 (30 mins)

Gel Polish

£22.00 (30 mins)

Signature Pedicure

£27.00 (60 mins)

Signature Manicure

£23.00 (60 mins)

***Gel Polish Pedicure

£39.00 (75 mins)

***Gel Polish Manicure

£35.00 (75 mins)

Add on- Heated Booties or Mitts

£5 (10 mins)

Contra-Indications &
After Care

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