Gel Nails

The nail gel industry can be one of the most daunting, confusing and often misleading of all.  The ‘unregulated’ market has become flooded with systems and home kits that not only don’t have the best longevity, but more importantly, can lead to long term health issues.  Only trust qualified nail techs with the knowledge and understanding of safe nail enhancements and good work practices.

Hidden Beauty has the pleasure of working with CNDs latest innovation, CND Plexigel.  Perfect for Gel Polish Overlays, Hard Gel Overlays or Hard Gel Sculptures.

Gel Polish (30 minutes) £20.00

Gel Polish is lightweight, thinly applied gel that is stronger than a regular polish but not as robust as a hard gel and can not be used to extend.  This is the perfect choice for people wishing for a one off treatment or, due to its thin application, is perfect for toes.  On nails in decent condition and if the owner is mindful then you can expect around 2 weeks wear.  Can be removed at home.

Hard Gel Overlays (45 minutes) £25.00

Hard Gels are a popular choice for many as they offer a stronger nail boosting a 3+ week wear.  Nails are filed and prepared for gel application covering the natural nail.  For best results and prime nail health 3-4 week maintenance is recommended 

Hard Gel Sculptured (70 minutes) £39.50

Sculpting is the perfect solution for creating length to the natural nails without the need for glue or tips.  Like the Hard Gel Overlays these will achieve 3+ weeks and will require 3-4 week maintenance.  

Gel Polish Maintenance (50 minutes) £22.50

Due to the nature of these gels, regular maintenance is not often desired, however, toes can last 6+ weeks so this is ideal to refresh and renew colour. 

Hard Gel Maintenance (60 minutes) £28.00

Every 3-4 weeks it is healthy practice to have hard gels rebalanced with the removal of any old, loose gel followed by a fresh application and a colour change if desired.

Contra-Indications &
After Care

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