Gel Nails

Deciding which nail brand to use can be a mine field these days.  What brands do you trust? What do you really need to look out for? Are they going to be strong enough for what you need? Is the technician qualified and following the proper procedures? Will these nail procedures damage your natural nails?

You owe it to yourself and the health of your nails to ask these questions before jumping in with both feet.  Read the information on this page to help with some answers and be educated in your search for the best.

Gel Polish, Soft Gel, Hard Gel, Polytek & Acrylic

With lots for options on the market, even within the same brand, the difference between these methods are often down to strength, flexibility, thickness, soak or file off removal and ingredients, to name a few.  Here is my quick summary:  

Gel Polish– are normally thin, soak off, very flexible, giving a strong polish that lasts up to 2 weeks, depending on the nail.

Soft Gel– have all the properties of a gel polish but stronger and less likely to chip and last up to 3 weeks.

Hard Gel– a very popular choice as they add more strength than a soft gel and feel more comfortable than acrylic.  They are a file off system so will not mark as easy and can give you 3-4 weeks wear. 

Polytek– is a gel/acrylic mix for people that want to move away from acrylic but still want the rock solid strength.  Great for extremely long nails prone to breaking.  File off every 3-4 weeks.

Acrylic– a solid enhancement with no flexibility, often using harsher ingredients and not very forgiving when knocked.  Lasting an easy 3-4 weeks.


The health of your nails have got to be top priority, so investigate what’s being used.  Due to the increase of allergies developed from the continues use of these popular enhancement products, I truly believe that the future can only be quality hypoallergenic ranges.  Avoid home kits, cheap products, unqualified technicians, harsh removal.  Quick note:  electric files can be a fantastic and comfortable way of removal but please make sure the technician is qualified to use one! 

Hidden Beauty's Aim and Product Choice

After developing a sensitivity to HEMA (the top allergenic ingredient in many popular nail enhancement products) in early 2020, it caused me great concern and encourage me to investigate on a much deeper level than ever before, with the most up to date information.  From this I can proudly announce that Hidden Beauty uses IKON IQ; an award winning range developed in Sweden.  IKON IQ is the safest and most impressive product ranges in the UK today! 

These amazing products will keep your nails safe and healthy and support everything from gel polish to long extensions. 


My aim is to encourage healthy nail growth, so even if you require an initial set of  extensions, within a few appointments they will grow out to a natural length of your choice.  Regular maintenance is required and the time frame will depend on what you have chosen. 

Nail Pricing

(Please make sure you read the information above to guide you to the correct pricing)

Gel polish Overlays (also available for toes)

£20.00 (30 mins)

Gel polish Overlay Maintenance (also available for toes)

£22.50 (45 mins)

Soft Gel Overlays

£25.00 (30 mins)

Soft Gel Overlay Maintenance

£27.50 (60mins)

Hard Gel Overlays

£27.50 (30 mins)

Hard Gel Extensions

£39.50 (70 mins)

Hard Gel Overlays or Extension Maintenance

£30.00 (60 mins)

Up to 3 fixes within every maintenance


Each fix appointment outside maintenance

£2.50 (10 mins)

Nail Art (see separate price list in salon)

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