Waxing allows us to remove unwanted hair directly from the root.  Not only will this take longer for the hair to then grow back, it will also return finer and softer.  Many regular waxers often experience bald patches over time.  You only need ¼ of an inch to get started, so put your razor away and say goodbye to hedgehog legs

WAX:ONE is a professional wax brand taking the industry by storm.  Proudly developed and manufactured in the UK, it’s clever technology and thin application makes it one of the most comfortable waxes around whilst boasting a reduction in the risk of ingrown hairs.  Operating at a low temperature, this wax is suitable for even sensitive skins.

Waxing Prices

*** will show any discount packages


£8.00 (10 mins)

Lip or Chin

£7.00 (10 mins)


£7.50 (15 mins)


£10.00 (20 mins)

½ Leg

£13.50 (20 mins)

Full leg

£21.50 (40 mins)

Bikini Line

£9.50 (20 mins)

Extended Bikini Line

£15.00 (25 mins)

Brazilian or Hollywood

£25.00 (30-45 mins)

*De-fluff Package
(1/2 leg, u-arm, b-line, brow wax)

£30.00 (45 mins)

£25.00 (30-45 mins)

Contra-Indications &
After Care

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